Hot boys on their beds; Martin’s going fishing ….

on the bed #4Hi, friends and readers:

Have a look at today’s photo posts, and the imagine walking into your bedroom to find one of these guys lying in your bed, waiting for you to join him. Would you hesitate? Of course not. In fact, you’d pounce at the chance, wouldn’t you? 😉

We had another nice dinner party last night. Our German guests prepared a nice meal of soft tacos with all the good fillings. We drank plenty of beer and wine, and then we sat on the back porch to enjoy the cool evening air. What a great evening.

on the bed #2This afternoon, our guests and I will load up my Element with a ton of food, drink and gear, and then we’ll meet my boyfriend over near Tampa airport. Then the four of us will travel 70 miles northward to spend the weekend at our fishing camp.

In order to get to the camp, we’ll have to load everything into our boat, and then we’ll travel six miles by boat, out to the Gulf of Mexico, where our cabin sits on an island in the middle of a federal wildlife preserve. It’s a very beautiful place, and the weather’s supposed to be perfect, so a good time is guaranteed for all. Hey, we might even catch some fish.

I won’t post again until Sunday afternoon when we return home. Have agreat weekend, everyone.

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