Beautiful guys in skimpy briefs; overcast night on the island ….

briefs #4Hi, friends and readers:

A pair of skimpy briefs can get me salivating when they’re worn by the right kind of guy, whether he’s somewhat hunky like the guy in the top photo here, or even if he’s willowy like the guy in the lower photo. Skimpy briefs leave little to the imagination; they show off a guy’s butt and his bulge in such an enticing way. In fact, I’m getting a little excited just looking at these two photos. Does that make me a slut?

Well,  I had a great YMCA session: a full workout, a half-mile run on the treadmill, and a quarter-mile swim in the pool. I left feeling relaxed.

Now it’s about 6:15 PM and I am savoring a cold bottle of beer as I write these words. Outside, the sky is overcast and the night is warm. I may go up on my deck right after I close this post.

briefs #3Tell me you don’t find this photo to the left enticing. Yeah, I know the guy is slender, but I like that about him. Those briefs show off his lovely buns so nicely.

Since my poor boyfriend has to focus on his law school studies tonight, I’m pretty much on my own, which is okay. I have some editing to do. I have to prepare our dinner, and I have correspondence to take care of. Maybe I’ll go for a walk after dinner, to enjoy the evening breeze as well.

Since I spent a week in Maine in late September and early October, my number of daily visits form readers has been down from it’s usual 1500-2000 per day average, but now it’s perking back up and I want to thank everyone for their loyalty to this website. It’s nice to have friends all around the world who read my posts and send me nice comments about them. Have a great Monday night, everyone.

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