Sexy guys with long hair; easy day ahead for Martin ….

long hair #4Hi, friends and readers:

When I was in college, about a hundred years ago, most all the guys at school grew their hair long, including me. My hair grew past my shoulders. College was when I first starting having sex with other guys, and most of them had long hair too. I can remember running my fingers through guys’ hair while we tumbled in the sheets; it was pretty damned sexy. Ah, the good old days ….

Now I keep my hair cut short. Long hair is too much trouble to take care of, plus it’s hot in Florida five months out of the year and long hair only makes you warmer. Still, you have to admit the guys in today’s photo posts look great with their long hair.

It’s another abnormally warm day, here on the island. Usually by November our heat has dissipated, but not this year. I slept in late this morning, so I skipped my usual walk on the beach, but this afternoon I plan to ride my bike on the island for exercise.

long hairI’ve already finished my writing for the day; my story-in-progress has now passed the 20,000 word mark, making it a short novel. I really like the plot and the characters. Most of the story takes place in 1966-68, when I was in high school. (See, I told you I was old.) Some of the events in the story are based on real-life experiences of mine.

This is my boyfriend’s brother’s last full day in Florida, and this evening I’ll cook a nice meal for us. Afterward, I think the three of us will take a swim in our timeshare’s pool since we didn’t have tie to do so last night. It’s been fun having a family guest for a few days, and I hope he’ll come back.

I don’t have much else on my plate today, other than one afternoon appointment and my bike ride, and that’s okay. It’s nice to have an easy day once in a while. Have great Tuesday, everyone.  .

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