Two beautiful guys; another muggy night on the island ….

handsome #6Hi, friends and readers:

You know how cometimes you’re walking down the street or shopping in a store and suddenly you see some guy who totally blows you away because he’s so good looking? The guys in tonight’s photo posts certainly fall into that category, at least in my book. And darn it, life just isn’t fair when someone can look that good while I can’t. 🙁

handsome #9I had a great workout at the YMCA, followed by a 3/4-mile run on the treadmill, the longest distance I have run in over four years. My knees weren’t bothered by the run at all, and I think next week I will try to run a mile. It’s been nearly six months since my knee replacement surgery and I think I am about 95% back to having normal knees, which is pretty exciting. I can’t wait to run on the beach or on the street like I used to, but I have to do this gradually.

It’s a muggy night, here on the island, too warm to go up on my deck. I’m home alone right now because my boyfriend has a late class every other Wednesday; he won’t be home till around 8:30. It’s okay, I have editing to do and then I need to prepare our dinner. (I might drink a bit of alcohol too, but that’s another matter.) Now, if only I could share a drink with one these two guys everything would be perfect, but which one would I choose?

Okay, everyone, wherever you are I hope you’re having a nice Wednesday evening. I’ll post again in the morning.

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