Hanging out on the sofa; easy Thursday for Martin ….

on the sofaHi, friends and readers:

You know how it is. You’ve worked hard all week long, and now it’s Saturday afternoon and all you want to do is lounge about the house in your underwear and maybe get a little passionate with your boyfriend. It’s so nice when it’s just the two of you, with no one else to distract you form each other. And what better place to get cozy that your living room sofa? I think the guy in the top photo is actually beckoning his boyfriend to join him. Yummy … 😉

on the sofa #2Okay, this guy to the left doesn’t appear to be wearing any underwear, which I’d be fine with if he was my boyfriend. What do you suppose it on his mind?

Well, I got my ass out the front door about 7:45 this morning, to take a beautiful three-mile walk on the beach. The Gulf was calm, the sun shone, and a light breeze kept things comfortable. I wore a t-shirt and gym shorts and I walked barefooted because that’s what I like t do if the weather’s not cold. After breakfast I got busy writing on my new story-in-progress, now at 22,000 words. I wrote for 2-1/2 hours, and now it’s almost time for lunch.

My boyfriend didn’t have class this morning, so he’s home, which is nice since we’ll share lunch for a change. I have some errands to run this afternoon, and maybe I’ll take a bike ride for exercise when I get back home. I think we’re going bowling this evening, whiich should be fun.

Have a nice Thursday, everyone.

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