Hot boys on the phone; weather’s finally cooling ….

on the phoneHi, friends and readers:

I’m not a telephone person; I prefer face-to-face communications, but I know I’m old school. Everywhere you go young people are focused only on their cell phones, even when they’re sharing a meal at a restaurant, and it drives me nuts.

Oh we;;, I’m not going to change the world by griping; I’ll just do things my way and the kids can do them their way. And by the way, I find the young man to the left quite enchanting. Yeah, he’s skinny, but sometimes I like skinny.

I ended up having a busy afternoon. I ran my errand after lunch, and then when I got home I ran a mile on the beach, my longest distance in over four years. My new knees tolerated the run quite well. After the run I washed my car inside and out; it was filthy after all the traveling it has experienced the past two months. Then I did some yard work. The weather cooled off a little today, and it’s about damned time.

on the phone #2Now it’s evening and I’m a little tired. My boyfriend is doing a bit of studying while I wrote these words. I’m going to grill porl chops over charcoal tonight, and I’ll team them with mac & cheese and steamed yellow squash. It’s a southern-style meal I really like.

It’s quite possible we will go bowling tonight, right after we clean up after dinner. It’s been a long while since I bowled because of my knee surgery, and I’d kind of like to go. The alley we like is an old one I used to bowl at when I was in high school, about a hundred years ago. It’s pretty funky and also pretty cheap, and the beer there is nice and cold.

Okay, everyone, I need to get busy wiht dinner, so I will close this post by wishing all of you a very pleasant Thursday night. And ptu down your damn phone, would you? 🙂

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