The amazing art of Anthony Goicolea ….

goicolea #2Hi, friends and readers:

Ever heard of Anthony Goicolea? He’s a terrific art photographer, and most of his photos definitely have a gay slant to them. I decided to post a few of his photos today, and I hope you like them as much as I do.

GoicoleaHave a look at this photo to the left. If you study it carefully you will see that every boy in the photo is the same person. Curious, eh?

Today is what we call a “get shit done day” in our household. We’re getting all sorts of little projects completed, ones we’ve put off for six weeks or so. We’re also cleaning the house and getting a few things done in the yard as well. Okay, none of this is fun, but it all needs done, and in between chores we are watching my Florida Gators play Vanderbilt. Go Gators!

Have a nice Saturday, friends.

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