Lover boys getting close; another muggy day on the island ….

lover boys #13Hi, friends and readers:

Do you like the photos I’ve posted here this morning as much as I do? It’s so refreshing to see two men showing affection to each other without feeling ashamed about it.

When I was a young man, holding another guy’s hand in public would have been unthinkable. You might get your face punched in. But now I see guys doing it all the time. I call that progress.

Well, we hosted a good friend for a fish dinner last night, an then we drank some wine on our back porch. I can’t believe how warm the weather ins in central Florida right not. Today the temperature will reach 85 degrees F, which is way too hot for November. And there’s no end in sight to the high temperatures. I mean, I like sunshine, and we have plenty of that, but I can do without the heat and humidity.

lover boys #22It’s going to be a lazy day for me and my boyfriend. I think we’re gong to have lunch at a bar/restaurant so my boyfriend can watch the Green Bay Packer play football, as they are not on network TV today. I’m not that big of a football plan, but I will go if he wants me to. I’ll even wear my Packers jersey that my boyfriend’s brother gave me a few years ago. Aren’t I a nice boyfriend?

Sometime today I plan to get some exercise. I may try running a mile this afternoon, to test out my new knees again. Or maybe I’ll ride my bike if we get some cloud cover. Anyway, have a great Sunday everyone.

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