Sexy men getting wet; nice Wednesday in store for Martin ….

wet #9Hi, friends and readers:

Strange how dousing a guy in water can make him look oh-so-sexy. I guess it’s because the water brings out the definition in his muscles, plus damp hair has its own appeal. If he’d let you, could you resist touching either guy in today’s photo posts?

Of course you couldn’t. See the guy to the left? I’d certainly offer to dry his back for him if he asked. Wouldn’t you?

Well, we went bowling last night, and that. combined with the mile I ran yesterday, left me feeling a bit tired. So I slept in today and skipped my morning walk on the beach. Instead I snuggled up to my boyfriend, who has the day off because today is Veteran’s Day and his school is not holding classes. After we shared breakfast, I spent 90 minutes writing new material for my novel-in-progress, and now it’s already past eleven AM.

wet #5Since my boyfriend has the day off from school, he’ll ride into town with me to visit the YMCA, where we’ll both do a workout and then swim laps in the indoor pool. After we shower, we’ll run a few errands that need taken c are of before returning to our island community to spend the remainder of our day.

It’s still quite warm and humid outside, but this warm spell we’ve endured the past ten days is finally supposed to end on Friday, which is good because we’re spending the weekend at our fishing camp, about 75 miles north of here.

We don;t have any plans for tonight. We’ll just hang out here at the house and enjoy our observation deck when it comes time for sunset. Then I’ll make us a nice meal while my poor boyfriend studies away in preparation for the rest of his week at school.

Alright, everyone, I need to get busy preparing lunch, so I will close this posy by wishing everyone a wonderful Wednesday, wherever you might be. And if you have a boyfriend, you might try taking a shower with him. He’ll look great when he’s wet, I assure you. 😉

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