Cool article on gay skateboarders; I’m off to my fishing camp ….

skater helmetHi, friends and readers:

In the early years of this website, circa 2008-2010, the site became a sort of clearinghouse for gay boys and men who skateboard. It kind of happened by accident when one of my early short stories, Carter DuBose, was published in a print anthology titled Skater Boys. The two main characters were gay skateboarders, and the story’s publication caused a bit of an uproar in the skateboarding subculture. I was deluged by messages saying, “There are NO gay skateboarders.” and others saying, “Hey, I skate and I’m gay. It’s nice to know I’m not alone.”

skater pic #7Anyway, someone sent me a link to a really cool article published by an Australian website catering to Aussie skateboarders. The guys interviewed are straight, but also what I call “gay friendly.”

Now, I have visited Australia and I can tell you that not only is it a beautiful place, but the people there are among the friendliest I have ever encountered. And they are very gay-tolerant, so I’m not surprised to read what I did in this article. But it was still nice to see straight skaters express their willingness to open their subculture to gay boys and men.

If you want to give the article a read, here is the link:

Our Tampa Bay Lightning adventure last night was a lot of fun, from the tailgating to the crowd (Lots of cute guys.) to the game itself. But I stayed up way too late last night and drank way too much alcohol, so I am feeling a bit ragged around the edges this morning.

Around two PM this afternoon my boyfriend and I will pack up the Element and drive northward to spend a weekend at our fishing camp. The camp’s on an island we have to reach by boat; it’s a very isolated and beautiful place, and I won’t be posting again until Sunday afternoon.

Have a nice weekend, everyone.

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