Guys getting naked in nature; Martin’s back from the fishing camp ….

naked in natureHi, friends and readers:

Since I just spent my entire weekend enjoying the natural beauty of our fishing camp and its surroundings, I thought I’d post a couple of photos of guys enjoying nature while naked. It’s funny how a natural setting will release a guy’s inhibitions, and the next thing you know he’s butt naked. Hey, why not? It’s a liberating experience.

Well, our trip was a successful one in all but one respect: we didn’t catch any fish due to problems with strange tides and lots of wind, but we still had a lot of fun with our friends form Orlando, a straight couple who are both smart and easy to be with. Our weather, aside from the wind, was excellent, and dined on excellent food. Oh yeah, we drank quite a bit of beer and wine as well, so no one was feeling too badly about our lack of fishing success. We left for home around ten AM today, so my boyfriend could study for his Monday classes.

naked in nature #9Have a look at Mr. Nudity to the left here. He’s quite the handsome stud, and he seems to be enjoying the beach he’s at. I wouldn’t mind being there with him, would you?

I’ve spent a good deal of time in Europe, and I am always amazed about how folks there are not shy about getting naked at a beach or in a park when the weather;s nice. Hey, who’s it hurting? Of course here in Florida it’s illegal to get naked at the beach; you can be arrested for it, which I find rather silly, But that’s America for you, we love to hate our bodies. 🙁

So we’re home now, and everything’s put away. I’m doing some housework while my boyfriend studies. I’m going to buy fresh grouper for our dinner tonight, and we’ll probably watch some NFL football game tonight.

Have a great Sunday, everyone.

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