Concert time at the river ….

guitarHi, friends and readers:

I’m going to keep this post relatively short, as I have much to do and not much time to accomplish it in. Today there’s an all-day and all-night, outdoor concert at a river about 40 minutes from here. It’s a beautiful spot, one where we have canoed and camped many times. We’ll pitch our tent and then take our lawn chairs to the venue. Of course, we’ll take an ice cooler full of beer and a couple of sandwiches, and they will be selling food and beer inside the venue as well. I plan to get a good buzz on, and then I’ll kick back and listen to music. Do you think the sexy guy to the left might be there? Do you think he might get naked and swim in the river? Gosh, I hope so …. 😉

The weather is looking kind of dicey; I think we may encounter some rain down there, but we have our rain suits from our fishing camp, here at the house, so I guess we’ll take those with us. Have a greta Saturday, everyone.

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