Sexy guys getting wet; Martin got drenched at the campground ….

wet #4Hi, friends and readers:

Ever tent-camp when it’s raining? If not, follow my advice and don’t. 

We had a great time at the outdoor concert we attended yesterday, and the campground we stayed at was fine. It never rained at the concert, but around midnight, after we’d already fallen asleep in our tent, the deluge began. Our tent’s a good one, but it couldn’t keep out the torrential rain that fell, and our pillows and sleeping bags were damp when we got up this morning. So were many of our clothes, a real drag.

wet #2Now we’re home, and everything has been cleaned and dried out, so it’s okay. I’m glad we went to the concert; the music was great, the food and drink cheap, and the crowd friendly. We sat beneath towering live oaks and long leaf pines that created a nice atmosphere, and a couple of times we stood right at the stage for a better look at a couple of bands.

It’s been a nice afternoon. While my boyfriend studied I worked on stripping the paint off a seventy year-old door that separates my boyfriend’s office from the rest of the house. It’s a very beat-up door that used to be an apartment’s exterior door, so I am completely refurbishing it on our back screened porch. I used a heat gun and putty knife to remove the old paint, and I got about half-way done in three hours.

Tonight we’ll watch a bit of NFL football and I am cooking a special meal using a recipe I found in a magazine last week. I hope it turns out well. Have a nice Sunday night, friends.

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