Beautiful rent boys; nice cool night on the island ….

rent boyHi, friends and readers:

Before I met my present boyfriend I used to spend my summers in Berlin, Germany, to escape Florida’s heat and humidity. Berlin is one of the world’s great cities. It’s very green, and the public transportation is amazing; you don’t need a car to live there. There are cultural events and exhibits, and lots of outdoor concerts to enjoy. And then there are the rent boys, hundreds of them, all available online through a website called PlanetRomeo. You can check it out here:

When you find a rent boy you like on the site, you contact him via e-mail, and then arrangements are made for his visit to your apartment. It’s all very safe and legal, and the boys are quite sexy. The boy in the top photo I’ve posted here reminds me of a Spanish boy I met via PlanetRomeo; his name was Eduardo and he was very sweet. His prices were reasonable too, which is always something to consider. 😉 I wonder where Eduardo is today?

rent boy #2Check out the lad to the left here. How could you resist hiring him? Well, you couldn’t, could you?

I didn’t post this morning because I was too busy writing, and also because I waited to take my beach walk until eleven AM, when the weather warmed up. A cold front swept into the area last night, which I actually welcomed ’cause I so tired of warm weather. Maybe now we can build fires in our fire pit.

Okay, everyone, have a wonderful Monday evening, wherever you are. And if you’re ever in Berlin, check out the boys on PlanetRomeo. They’d love to hear from you. 😉

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