Oh, no: Pinterest murdered my board ….

amazed #4Hi, friends and readers:

A few months ago I decided to create a Pinterest board to display some of my favorite photos I have previously posted in this website. I also displayed the covers for all my books, along with buy links to Amazon in case people wanted to purchase the books. Everything went along well; I had lots of followers and lots of hits on the board via my website, every day.

Two days ago I received a message via my site saying, “Hey, your Pinterest link is not working. You might want to check it.” So I checked and, indeed, my board was not longer in existence. It seems because I was advertising my books on my board, I needed to pay Pinterest for a commercial account with them, which I’m not really inclined to do. It would have been nice if they’d given me notice before taking action, but I guess that’s the way they operate.

Fuck you, Pinterest ….

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