It’s Thanksgiving. Are you ready to eat?

blue eyes #5Hi, friends and readers:

I love Thanksgiving. It’s all about the food and companionship, rather than glitz and gift-giving. Normally we do a group dinner with neighbors and friends, but this year we opted to spend the holiday by ourselves. We’re having dinner at a really nice seafood restaurant, here on the island. No turkey for Martin today. I’m going for surf-and-turf. Hey, it’s a Florida thing ….

I woke up at 1:30 this morning, wide awake. So I slipped into my boxers, and then I spent two hours at the keyboard doing edits on my new book. I know that sounds weird, but it always works for me. After I went back to bed I slept until ten AM, so I got a late start on the day, but it’s a holiday, so what does it matter?

Oh, about Thanksgiving ….

Today is a day we should count our blessings. Yeah, bad stuff happens in life. We lose a job or a boyfriend or a family member, and we tend to think life isn’t worth living anymore. It’s then we need to realize how many¬†good¬†things life has to offer, and how many wonderful gifts life gives us: health, friendships, and simple things like a sunset or a good meal.

Happt Thanksgiving, everyone.

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