The beautiful Lawn Mower Boy ….

boardshorts #4Hi, friends and readers:

Is everyone having a good Thanksgiving? It’s been a beautiful day, here on the island. My boyfriend and I took a three-mile walk on the beach after lunch, and conditions were nearly perfect. When we got home I worked on a painting project for a couple of hours. I know that sounds weird, considering it’s a holiday, but I actually enjoyed getting something constructive done.

I know you’re wondering why I’m posting the photo to the left. U-m-m, I absolutely love amateur photos of beautiful guys, and the Lawn Mower Boy is, in my opinion, perfection. Could you imagine spending a few hours in your bedroom with him? Aye-yi-yi, I’ll bet he’d be a handful. I wonder if he knows how to use that tongue when he’s in the sack with another guy?

In about a half-hour my boyfriend and I will visit a nice restaurant, here on the island, to enjoy a tasty Thanksgiving meal. And who knows, maybe the beautiful Lawn Mower Boy will be our server. 😉

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

2 thoughts on “The beautiful Lawn Mower Boy ….

  1. This post reminds me a lot of my younger days, when I’d ride my bike and check out all the hot shirtless boys mowing their lawns. Such memories!

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