More sad boys; another pretty night on the island ….

sad boy #4Hi, friends and readers:

I got a nice reaction to the “sad boy” photos I posted here this morning, so I thought I would share three more tonight. I especially like the one to the left. Every gay boy has experienced a moment like that, where he lies in bed and wonders why it’s so unfair that his friend he desires is a straight boy who will never love him in a romantic way. I think I’ve spent about fifty nights doing just that. 🙁

Depressed teenager

Depressed teenager

This afternoon was super-productive. Every year we make a custom Christmas card using a new photograph of the two  of us an our Frosty the Snowman which lights up at night. The photo is taken at a place where something significant took place during the year in which the photo was taken. This year we had it taken at the river where our fishing camp is located. We only re-entered the camp partnership back in May 2015, and going up there has been a real adventure for us. We designed the card at Walgreen’s and it came out really well. Mission accomplished.

sad boy #3When we came home from Walgreen’s I took a ten-mile ride on my bike in a residential area where there is little traffic. It’s only a mile from our house. The ride was great because the wind wasn’t blowing. Back home I did a bit of cleaning, and then I spent two hours working in our yard and our patios. The outside of our house looks a lot better now, and I feel like I accomplished a lot today.

We took the time to visit the beach to watch a very pretty sunset, around 5:30 PM, and now it’s getting dark. My boyfriend has to study a while longer, but after dinner I think we’ll watch a Netflix movie while we snuggle on the sofa. Doesn’t that sound nice?

Have a pleasant Tuesday evening, friends.

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