Are you a bottom? Be proud of it ….

twink pork #3Hi, friends and readers:

I actually know a few gay men who think if you’re a bottom then you’re a pussy, which I think is a total load of crap.

Several years ago I wrote a story titled Fuck Me ,,, Please. The story was published in a Cleis Press anthology titled Bend Over Big Boy. The anthology and my story were huge hits, and I later re-published Fuck Me … Please in my anthology titled Sebastian Inlet. In the story an ex-Marine named Forrest surrenders his anal virginity to Tyler in a San Francisco hotel room, and here’s something Tyler had to say about being a bottom:

porked“Getting fucked can feel very good. When another man’s cock stretches you open—­when it gets inside your most private place—it’s a bit freaky at first. When you’re growing up, people tell you only girls get fucked, that a guy who gets screwed is a sissy, a fag, but it’s not true. Having the balls to let another man pump your ass ’til you come—and until he comes—takes a lot of courage. Understand?”

Now, I’m mostly a top man myself, but I have bottomed for my boyfriend many times, and for other guys as well in my sexual past. I can tell you that the experience can be quite pleasing; it’s a whole different way of exploring your sexuality. So, if you are a bottom, I salute you for having the courage to be yourself.

It’s another beautiful and sunny day, here on the island. I don’t have much on my plate today. I’ll work on my novel-in-progress, and I’ll make a run to the supermarket. I’ll also attempt to jog for a mile today, as I continue rehabilitating my knees.

Have a great Thursday, everyone.

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  1. Hi,i write myself too.The novels are in great detail,and art work is on every other page,so you see what your reading.I have been drawing sense i was about four years old,but i have never done anything with it.I write very well,but the art,well,its like this,on a page,in the novel,it goes like this.The pages are 4×8,and when i’m done with the art,it looks like a photo that was taken by a camera.Very seductive,and erotic.Make adult videos look like a Sunday school picnic. Nice for your words there guy. You have a great Thursday yourself. Take care. Kindly,Mike.

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