More guys bottoming; it’s damp and cool on the island tonight ….

porkingHi, friends and readers:

I ranted in this morning’s post about the misconception that gay men who are bottoms are somehow less masculine, and I meant every word I said. It takes a tough guy to handle the penetration involved, especially if your partner is, ahem, well hung. You have to learn to relax down there–it takes practice–but then you are rewarded with pure pleasure. The guy on bottom in the photo to the left doesn’t look like he’s suffering, does he? Okay, the boy in the lower photo is probably a novice at anal sex, so he’s going to have to learn to stop fighting his partner’s intrusion, right?

It hasn’t been the most productive day for me around here, due to my late start on things this morning. But I did some editing, I did a load of laundry, I did some online Christmas shopping, and made dinner reservations, both for our symphony date this Saturday, and for our New Year’s Eve dinner in San Francisco. And twink pork #2then I actually ran a mile on the street, here on the island.

Now, a mile might not seem like much, but please remember I had both my knees replaced in mid-May this year, so I think it’s pretty damned amazing that I have come this far. I’ve been a dedicated distance runner since my college days, and it felt so good to have my lungs pumping and my heart pounding. It felt good to sweat too. My goal is to run three miles per day, four days per week, on the days I don’t work out at the YMCA. It may take me six months to get to that point, but I am confident I will.

It’s a cool and damp evening, here on the island, as cold front is moving into central Florida tonight. That’s a good thing because the weather lately has been entirely too warm for this time of year. My boyfriend has to study more tonight, but the Green Bay Packers are on TV tonight, so we’ll probably end up watching them play.

Have a nice Thursday evening, everyone.

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