Cute guys with sexy lips; pretty night on the island ….

lips #2Hi, friends and readers:

You an’t beat a guy with sexy lips. You know what kind I mean, pudgy lips that make you want to kiss them endlesslessly. The kind we gay men call “DSLs”. For those who don’t already know, those letters stand for “dick-sucking lips”, and the guys in tonight’s photo posts certainly have them. Delicious ….

It has been a productive afternoon for me. I did my supermarket run right after lunch. When I got home I took a three-mile walk on the beach, where three very cute high school and college-age boys were fishing.

lips #4After I changed into my grunge clothes. I did some yard work, and then I did a quick painting project. I performed a repair on our vacation rental apartment, and then I cleaned our patio with a leaf blower. Oh, I also watered and fertilized all our house and back porch plants.

Now it’s five PM and I have just opened a cold beer.  How I wish I could share it with Mr. DSLs to the left here. Imagine watching him sip from a bottle neck, and then seeing him lick his lips. Aye-yi-yi, I’d probably crawl on top of him and press my lips to his, all the while thinking of where those lips of his might travel later on. 😉

It’s a very pretty night, here on the island: cool, still, and quiet. The sun is setting over the Gulf and it’s just a perfect December evening.

I’m preparing a fish dinner for us tonight, fresh flounder with Tartar sauce, mac & cheese, and some tasty veggies. It’ll be a great meal, and later on, when my boyfriend finishes studying, we plan to build a blaze in our patio fire pit. Sounds good, eh?

Have a nice Tuesday night, friends.

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