More “lover boys” photos; it’s time for a bonfire ….

lover boys #12Hi, friends and readers:

I promised you a full day of “lover boys” photos, and I’m delivering with two more this evening. Aren’t the guy in the photo to the left cute? I wonder who that is in the bed with them?

Well, I got my painting project done this afternoon. It involved a lot of ladder work, which is why I’ve put it off until my knees were ready for climbing. Things went fine; I did a really good job, and now our living room looks even better.

Did I mention that my boyfriend and I put up our Christmas tree last night? I guess I didn’t. It’s a blue spruce. We drank a bottle of champagne–it’s a tradition of ours–while we hung ornaments and strung lights. We listened to traditional Christmas tunes as we worked. The tree looks beautiful now, and it smells so forest-like. We hung our stockings on the fireplace mantel, and now the place looks so festive.

lover boys #4Every year, just before Christmas, our community association builds a bonfire right on the beach, only a few blocks from our house. People bring their beverages of choice, and some people offer Christmas cookies. It always draws a big crowed because it’s pretty and fun.

In just a little while we will pack a small ice cooler with beer, and then we’ll make our way to the bonfire site. We’ll stay for an hour, and then we’ll come home so I can grill marinated pork chops over charcoal. enjoy steamed yellow squash and mac & cheese; it’ll be a great meal. Then my poor boyfriend has to drive to Tampa International to pick up our visitors from Wisconsin. I’ve met the guy before, but not his girlfriend, and I’m looking forward to spending time with them. It should be fun having them next door for three nights.

It’s a beautiful night here: cool, dry, and still, perfect for a bonfire. Wherever you are tonight, I hope you’re doing something festive like we are. Come on, guys, it’s the holiday season. Get to it … 🙂

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