Two of my favorite “boys and backpacks” photos ….

backpack #7Hi, friends and readers:

A few days ago I posted a link to a Tumblr titledĀ Boys in Boardshorts. It’s a great Tumblr full of super-hot guys, and while I scrolled through the months I came across the two photos I have posted here this morning. They’re among my all-time favorites I posted in the past. I love the look of shirtless guys carrying backpacks; I don’t know why. But I think the guys in these photos are among the sexiest I’ve ever seen. Both photos are at least five years old. I wonder where these guys are today, and do you think they still look as sexy now as they did back then?

I had a terribly restless evening last night. I ended up getting out of bed around two AM, and then I worked on edits on my novel-in-progress for two hours.. Of course that meant I slept until 9:30 this morning, and I didn’t get to walk on the beach. šŸ™

Anyway, I’m up now and getting ready to work on more edits for my novel. Outside the sun is shining but the wind is also blowing pretty hard, which it has been doing for three weeks now. It precludes me from riding my bike for any long distances, which is kind of irritating.

backpack #8Have a look at Mr. Green Boardshorts to the left here. Have you ever seen such a gorgeous guy? His eyes have an almost cruel look to them. I’ll bet he’d be a handful in the bedroom.

It’s Monday, and that means I’ll drive into town to visit the YMCA this afternoon. I’ll do a 90-minute workout with weights, followed by swimming a quarter-mile in the indoor pool. It’s a great way to get exercise, and I won’t have to deal with this lousy wind that keeps blowing.

My boyfriend is home today; he’s working on a law school paper that is due tomorrow, so he won’t join me at the YMCA today. It’s okay, I have several friends there to keep me company.

We don’t have anything planned for this evening, but I’ll hitĀ the supermarket on the way home from the Y to buy something good for our dinner. Maybe we’ll find the time to visit our timeshare down the street for a soak in the hot tub. Have a nice Monday, everyone, wherever you are today.

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