Best friends sharing life; overcast day on the island ….

best friends #4Hi, friends and readers:

The week before last–it was the day after Thanksgiving–I hared a knock on my front door. My caller was Curtis, who was my best friend from middle school all the way through college. We were always inseparable. There was nothing sexual about our friendship. Curtis was totally straight while I was a gay boy. But we always got along extremely well; we never argued. We had similar interests and we were both good students.

In college, we lived together for two years. Then Curtis got married and moved to Miami while I ended up attending law school at FSU in Tallahassee. We tried to keep in touch, but over the years we kind of stopped communicating.

When Curtis visited me the other day it was the first time we’d seen each other in about eight years, but it felt like I’d just seen Curtis yesterday. We ended up getting lunch at a cafe and spending about five hours together, just talking. What a wonderful experience it was.



Everyone should have a best friend, I think. It’s important to have that sort of bond with another person that doesn’t involve romance, only trust and compatibility.

I like the photos I have posted here today because they remind me of the days I used to spend with Curtis, way back in high school and college. We lived in a beach community and spending time at the shore was our major entertainment.

best friends #2I rose at eight AM this morning to take a three-mile walk on the beach. The weather was damp and overcast, but  the tide was low and the walking surface down there was perfect. When I returned home I got busy working on my novel-in-progress, and now it’s almost lunchtime.

My seasonal renters are arriving for the winter this Friday, so this afternoon I will focus on cleaning everything from top to bottom next door. It’s not particularly fun, but I want things to be nice for my guests when they arrive from Washington, DC.

Have a nice Tuesday, friends.

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