Red-haired and sexy men. Will cool weather ever arrive in Florida?

red hairHi, friends and readers:

I know some people who think red hair is unattractive on a guy. They call redheads a derisive term: “gingers”. But I think red hair can be very sexy on a young man. I mean, how could you resist spending time with either guy in today’s photo posts. Um-m-m, you couldn’t.

Last night, after a tasty dinner, we visited our timeshare down the street to soak in the hot tub. It was a beautiful night for doing so, with a fingernail moon hanging in the western sky. Afterward, we watched the GOP presidential debate, which was about the lamest event I’ve ever sat through. I don’t know who’s more pathetic: Donald Trump, Ben Carson or Jeb Bush. The entire crew of candidates, other than Christie, come across as automatons, and I could not dream of voting for any of them. Good luck, America, you;re going to need it if any of those bozos gets elected ….

red hair #2I slept in late this morning, so I didn’t take my usual beach walk, which was okay because the weather in central Florida continues to be warm and humid. Other than a few days in late November, we’ve had no cool weather, which is really irritating since we have to endure hot weather five months out of the year. Here it is December 16th and we are still running our air conditioning.

Oh, well, at least it makes for good sunbathing at the beach down the street. I wonder if the guy to the left is there? What a babe …. 😉

I just finished my writing for the day; I wrote two new scenes for my novel-in-progress, and now it’s nearly lunchtime. Since today is Wednesday, my boyfriend and I will visit the YMCA this afternoon for a full workout and lap-swimming in the indoor pool. We’ll hit the supermarket on the way home for some badly-needed supplies. We don’t have any particular plans for this evening. My boyfriend submitted his term paper yesterday afternoon, so now he’s done with school for three weeks. Time to have some fun!

Have a great Wednesday, everyone.

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