Guys having sex in public. Is it advisable?

public sexHi, friends and readers

I know some gay men who get a big thrill out of having sex with their boyfriend in public places or the great outdoors. I guess I understand how the danger of getting discovered in the middle of sex could give you a sexual high, but I’ve also had some friends who’ve been arrested for having public sex, and that wouldn’t look real great on a job resume, now would it?

In my view, you’d best be careful if you want to engage in this sort of thing,not only because you don’t want trouble with the law, but you also don’t want to offend others, especially children who might come upon you. That’s my two cents.

So, I got my ass out the door around 8:15  this morning, to take a three-mile walk on the beach. Conditions were perfect down there: sunny and still. The Gulf was calm and the walking surface was perfect: nice, firm sand with no seashells to dodge.

public sex #2Check out this photo to the left, and especially the butt on the guy with his back to the photographer. She how the guy on his knees is grabbing one butt cheek? I’d do exactly the same if I were him …. 😉

I spent the rest of morning writing new material for my novel-in-progress, which is now at 52,000 words. It’ll likely reach 60,000 words before it’s finished. I like my main character a whole lot, and the story line is interesting. Now it’s almost lunchtime, and after I have a quick meal I have errands to run.

Every year my boyfriend and I have a tradition. We bake three kinds of Christmas cookies. We place the cookies in decorative baskets, and then we deliver them to our immediate neighbors. It’s a nice way of saying, “Thanks for being such nice people all year long,” and I know our neighbors appreciate the trouble we go to each year. Anyway, I need to buy certain ingredients we’ll need when we bake tomorrow, so after lunch I’m off to the supermarket to buy whatever we’ll need.

Tonight we’ll drive into the city, where a longtime friend is taking us out to dinner. We’ll have a few beers beforehand, and then we’ll have a nice meal. What could be better? Have great Thursday, friends.

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  1. Necesito mas imágenes como esta, necesito mas imágenes eróticas de sexo oral y de fetichismo de pies y videos también, me encanta esta página.

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