Merry Christmas from Martin, everyone ….

Christmas card 2013Hi, friends and readers:

I know Christmas is still two days away, but this afternoon my boyfriend and I will drive up to a marina about 75 miles north of here. We’ll load up our boat, and then we’ll cruise six miles downriver to our fishing camp. It’s located on a small island where the river flows into the Gulf of Mexico, and that’s where we will spend our Christmas. It’s beautiful up there, and very remote. I won’t have Internet service while we are there, so I’m giving you my Christmas greeting today.

I just returned from a three-mile walk on the beach, where conditions weren’t so pleasant. A stiff breeze is blowing, the sky is overcast, and the air is warm and sticky, not exactly the type of Christmas weather I’d hoped for, but at least I got to walk in shorts and a t-shirt. Not many people were down there; it was mainly me and the seabirds. I’m having a quick breakfast as I write these words, and then I’ll get busy preparing for our trip. There’s a lot to do, so I’d best get moving.

Have a wonderful Christmas, everyone, and if you haven;t downloaded your free copy of my book, Gay Men With Kinks, you really should before time runs out on the free book deal. All the information you’ll need is in the post preceding this one.

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