Happy holidays, friends; Martin’s off to Northern California ….

christmas treeHi, friends and readers:

It’s Christmas night and my boyfriend and I have just returned from our fishing camp, where we spent two delightful nights. Yesterday we went fishing in the Gulf of Mexico and in a creek near our cabin. My boyfriend caught two nice speckled sea trout and one redfish. I also caught a larger redfish. We filleted them all yesterday, and then put the fillets on ice. Tonight I’ll cook them and we’ll have a nice Florida Christmas dinner. Doesn’t that sound good.

ball cap backward #13Okay, the guy to the left has nothing to do with Christmas, but he sure is cute and I thought I’d share the photo with you. I’d like to find him under my tree.

This morning we exchanged a few “stocking stuffer” gifts, up at the river. But our principal gift is a trip to San Francisco to visit my boyfriend’s brother and sister-in-law, who just had their first child, a little girl. We’ll spend time with them and my boyfriend’s parents as well. We’ll visit Yosemite Park for two days, and we’ll spend New Year’s Eve in San Francisco, where we’ve reserved a room for one night. It should all be fun, and I’m almost done packing for the trip.

Hundreds of people downloaded my book, Gay Men With Kinks, for free over the past three days. Time runs out on the opportunity at midnight PST tonight, so there’s still time for you to get the book for nothing if you act right away.

I won’t be posting during the time I’m in California, so I hope you’ll all have a fine holiday season in my absence.

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