Happy New Year from Martin; I’m back from Northern California ….

fireworks #2Hi, friends and readers:

This may be coming to you a bit late, but I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year, now that I am back in Florida and I have reliable Internet service. I hope all of you had an enjoyable New Year’s Eve, wherever you spent it. Me? I spent New Year’s Eve in downtown San Francisco with my lovely boyfriend. We stayed in a funky little hotel in North Beach, where we dined on tasty Italian cuisine, and then we took a Uber ride to the Castro District to dance our butts off at a bar called Badlands. I’d say about 400 people were there, and all were in a good mood. The music was lively and the drinks were cheap. We had a great time, but we were home by 1:30 AM.

We spent a good deal of time with my boyfriend’s family, and we also spent two days and one night in Yosemite National Park, east of Sand Francisco. I’ve been there before, but never during winter, and the place was simply beautiful, what with all the snow glistening in the sunshine. We stayed at an old hotel in the park, which was comfortable and had a great restaurant.

IMG_0767Okay, I don’t often post photos of myself, but here is one my boyfriend took of me at Yosemite. See all the snow? Look, if you are from Florida snow is special because you don’t ever get to see it at home.

We arrived back in Florida about nine last night. We grabbed a quick restaurant meal, and then headed home, where we lazed about util it was time for bed. We were both very tried from our cross-country travels, and we slept until eleven this morning.

shirtless #20Oh, I know, I can’t let my New Year’s post go without putting up a “sexy boy” photo, so here’s a special one for you guys. Can you imagine spending New Year’s Eve with him? He’d leave that shirt off all night long if he were with me. 😉

So, today we got practical and busy. We took down our Christmas tree and our exterior Christmas decorations. We did four loads of laundry, and we cleaned up the house. Then we hit the supermarket to restock the fridge and the cupboards. Now our lives are returning to normal, and tomorrow we’ll hit the gym and the YMCA to get ourselves back in shape. In a few weeks I’ll look just like the guy in the lower photo again. (I wish ….) As much as I enjoyed my holidays, I am happy t be home, and to see things return to normalcy after all the food and drink, and all the traveling.

Have a nice Sunday night, everyone.

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