Hot boys in the shower; chilly night on the island ….

shower time #2Hi, friends and readers:

There’s nothing quite like a warm shower after a workout or a long run, especially when the weather’s cold. It’s also fun to shower with your boyfriend once in a while, so you can scrub him form head to toe, and even shampoo his pretty hair.

Be honest, would you turn down a request to shower with either guys in today’s photo posts? Obviously not. 😉

I slept in kind of late this morning, and then I had to run errands the rest of the morning with my boyfriend, so he could get his car problems resolved and also buy his books for this semester. Law books are so expensive. 🙁

After we shared lunch at home we visited the YMCA in the city for a workout with weights, but we didn’t get to swim laps in the indoor pool because it was too crowded. That’s often the case  these days, and it’s really irritating.

shower time #8I left my boyfriend at his garage, and then I headed back to our island home, where the sun is shining, but a chilly breeze is blowing. Winter, it seems, has finally arrived in central Florida, and we even turned the heat on this afternoon for the first time since last March.

By the way, I think the boy to the left is Cameron Dallas, a total babe who is also a total airhead. He’s a darling of the Instagram/Vines subculture, but he doesn’t seem to have any talents other than looking cute. What will happen to Cameron when his looks begin to fade?

We don’t have much planned for our evening. I’ll cook dinner and my boyfriend will clean up, and then maybe we’ll build a blaze in our patio fire pit. We like doing that on chilly nights, here on the island. I’ll have a few beers while I prepare dinner, and maybe I’ll enjoy a little white wine at the table. Doesn’t that sound nice?

Have a wonderful Monday, friends, wherever you might be today, and stay warm, okay?

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