Beautiful, slender guys; productive day for Martin ….

slenderHi, friends and readers:

I know a lot of you guys like your men with some muscle on them, and I get that. My boyfriend has an athletic build with plenty of arm and leg muscle, and I never miss a chance to worship them when we’re getting initimate. Ah-h-h, beef ….

But I like slender guys too, like the two in tonight’s photo posts. There’s something about a slim guy that’s incredibly sexy, whether he’s tall or not. I mean, could you resist an invitation from the guy to the left here? Of course not. 😉

I had a very productive day. I put in three solid hours of writing this morning. Then, while I waited for the plumber to arrive, I cleaned about two-thirds of our house, including the bathrooms and kitchen.

slender #6After the plumber left, I ran errands for an hour, and then I met an Internet tech who has presumably fixed our connection problems we’ve experienced lately. The new modem has certainly quickened our service, which is great.

I just got out of the shower when my boyfriend walked in the door from work. I bought grouper form our island’s seafood market this afternoon, and I’ll bake it in the oven, using my own special recipe to make it extra tasty.

Have a nice Tuesday night, friends.

2 thoughts on “Beautiful, slender guys; productive day for Martin ….

  1. The photo is of Sergey Brisyuk. A really beautiful young man. Some of his poses are a bit haunting, yet very sensual to me. There are several pics that I have in my “collection”. Thank you for posting this handsome guy!!

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