Ignite the fireworks; Martin’s had three million visitors ….

fireworksHi, friends and readers:

Four years ago, almost to this day, WordPress murdered my original blog because they said it was “too commercial.” I lost all the photos I’d posted since 2008, although I was able to retrieve the text of my posts from that period.

I lost thousands of followers. I had to rebuild from scratch and it wasn’t easy. But yesterday I had visit number THREE MILLION since the rebirth of this website, and I would say that’s a reason to celebrate. So I am posting my favorite “fireworks photo” this morning, in honor of the event. I know it’s not a professional photo, but …. 🙂

I’m writing a new novel. It’s loosely based on events occurring in my life when I was in my mid-teens, and when I look at the photos I have posted here I’m reminded of a particular scene in the book. Here it is ….


Copyright Martin Delacroix, 2016

When the fireworks display began, we rose to sitting positions for a better view, and after a few rockets exploded Kevin put his arm around my shoulders. His action took me by surprise; it was something he’d never done before. In fact he’d never shown any physical affection toward me outside of my bedroom, not beyond a hug or two. But now the weight of his arm and the warmth of his body made my heart thump.

It’s almost like we’re on a date.

fourth of julyIn between fireworks, Kevin nuzzled my ear. I turned my face toward his, and then we kissed. Our tongues dueled while our lips smacked and I grew so excited I thought I might piss in my shorts.

Next thing I knew we lay on our sheet again, doing the things gay boys do to each other when they’re horny. Fireworks exploded; they bathed us in hues of green, red, blue, and gold. And then a white explosion lit up our dune like the glare from a lightning bolt. I felt as if we were performers in an exotic carnival act, only no one could see us inside our sea oat atoll. Our sex was intense and quick, and when it ended we rested on our backs. Then we watched the fireworks go off, over and over.



Ka-boom, and then Ka-BOOM.

At one point I glanced over at Kevin, in between blasts. He lay with both his hands resting on his sternum. His eyes were closed and his lips moved, as though he might be praying silently. I wondered just what he was saying and to whom, but of course I didn’t ask. After another missile exploded above us, Kevin’s eyelids fluttered open; he looked at me for a long moment, and then he turned his gaze to the shimmering glow in the sky.


Did everyone enjoy the scene?

I’m up later than I should be, but that’s okay. How many people in this world get to share their thoughts and visions with three million people? Not many, I suspect. Have a nice Saturday, everyone.

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