Hanging out naked; it’s a guy thing ….

on the bed #2Hi, friends and readers:

When I was in college–it was my third year–I lived with three other guys. One of them–his name was Hugh–liked to hang out naked in our apartment. He was very good looking, about 6’2″ with an athletic build, a beefy ass, and a thick cock. Of course, I didn’t mind his nakedness at all; I looked forward to Saturdays and Sundays when he rarely wore clothes. I’m not the dedicated nudist Hugh was, but I do enjoy hanging out in my birthday suit at times. Hey, it’s a guy thing … 😉

on the bed #1I spent a nice evening with my friend/neighbor last night. The chili and garlic bread turned out really well, and the red wine we shared was tasty too. After my guest left I listened to music for a while, and then I hit the bed; I was tired for some reason.

This morning I slept in late, until ten AM. Outside it was overcast, windy, and damp, but now the sun has emerged and it may be a nice day after all. I have tons to do in the writing department, so I’ll stay busy until my boyfriend gets home, and then maybe I’ll get busy in a different way. 😉

Have a nice Sunday, everyone.

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