Ever seen the film “Mysterious Skin”? Maybe you should ….

mysterious skinHi, friends and readers:

Do you think Joseph Gordon-Levitt is as sexy as I do? He’s a big star now, doing things like the Batman movies and all, but many years ago he made a film titled Mysterious Skin. It wasn’t an upbeat movie; I can tell you that. His character played a boy who fell victim to childhood sexual abuse from his Little League coach. The abuse, of course, screwed up the boy’s head, and when he became a teenager he also became a gay hustler.

mysterious skin #2There’a scene in the film where Joseph’s character gets picked up in a public park by and older man. They visit a motel room where they have sex, and it’s a pretty sexy scene, almost enough to make watching the entire film worth it. You can check the film out here, but let me warn you, it’s not a pretty slice of life:


I had a good workout at the YMCA today; it felt good to get my muscles moving. But I didn’t get to swim laps today because the pool was too crowded, so I speed-walked on a treadmill instead. It was okay, and then I headed back to our island to hit the wine market and run other errands. Now I’m home and a chicken is roasting in the oven.

It’s cold here tonight; we have the heat and the gas fireplace running. I’m looking forward to snuggling under the covers with my boyfriend later tonight. 😉 Have a nice Monday night, everyone.

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  1. “Mysterious Skin” was based on a novel of the same name by Scott Heim. It followed the lives of two boys who were sexually abused by their little league ball coach at age 8, until they reach 18. One boy, Neil, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the film, is very sexually precocious, and becomes a hustler. The other boy, Brian, completely shuts down sexually, and becomes obsessed with the idea of being an alien abduction victim. The two eventually reunite. Difficult subject matter, but Scott Heim treated the novel with unusual sensitivity, creating a beautiful portrait of the two boys. The movie is very faithful to the book.

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