Hot guys in backward ball caps; another chilly day on the island ….

ball cap backward #11Hi, friends and readers:

I love the way some guys look when they wear their ball caps backward. The backward positioning gives a guy a sort of irreverent look I find all too appealing, like the guys in today’s photo posts. Who would pass up a date with either one? Not me. 😉

We stayed up fairly late last night, watching the Alabama/Clemson game, which Alabama won. I don’t care for either team, so I didn’t care, but the game was a good one. Anyway, despite staying up late, I rose at 6:45 this morning; I was wide awake.

ball cap backward #7I spent about three hours working on two writing projects and I got a lot done. I made a few phone calls and took care of paying some bills, and now it’s well past eleven AM.

By the way, after looking at the photo to the left, I suppose a guy looks even better in a backward ball cap if he’s not wearing anything else, right? Yummy ….

A few minutes ago I stepped onto my back screened porch. I checked the thermometer there; it read 62 degrees F, and that’s pretty darned cold for mid-morning in central Florida. Due to the cold, I’ll postpone my speed walk until after lunch, when things should be a little warmer.

Have a nice Tuesday, everyone.

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