Boys and belts. It doesn’t pay to misbehave ….

beltHi, friends and readers:

When a gay boy’s in a live-in, daddy/son relationship he needs to know who’s in charge at home, and that’s Daddy. It’s the boy’s job to obey the rules of the household, and to perform his chores in a timely and responsible manner. When he doesn’t he’ll likely be facing a discipline session, oftentimes involving a belt very painfully applied to his bare buttocks.

Well, it’s the way some boys have to learn: the hard way, and while some may consider that sort of discipline harsh, it can work quite well with the right boy.

Now, the lad in the top photo seems a bit distressed, but that’s okay; he should be. He already knows he’s in for a painful whipping, probably followed by “corner time” when he’ll have plenty of opportunity to think about what he did wrong and how he might avoid another whipping in the future.

belt #2If this sort of scene gets your juices flowing, you might want to read my short story, Slacker, that appears in my book titled Flawed Boys. In it, young Robert is paddled severely by his daddy after Robert breaks the household rules. It’s a graphic and also a very sexy scene. I get a lot of mail from readers who tell me how much they enjoyed reading about Robert’s session. 😉

I had a great workout and lap-swimming session at the YMCA. I left feeling relaxed and read for a nice evening. My boyfriend’s at a school meeting tonight; he won’t be home until nine or so. I’ll dine alone, but I’ll save him leftovers.

Have a nice Wednesday night, friends.

2 thoughts on “Boys and belts. It doesn’t pay to misbehave ….

  1. I grew up in the era when guys got paddled/whipped for discipline thru high school. I got paddled bare for something serious thru high school and my friends were disciplined the same, so the sight of a spanked butt in the shower room was not at all unusual. I always felt that a whipping was more mean spirited, more like a movie about life in the army yrs ago or slavery. Do others who got paddled/switched. etc. regard whipping as too much for dad/son discipline? It sounds odd now but I was grateful my dad chose just to paddle my bare butt when needed and never whipped me. Any comments would be appreciated.

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