Another boy’s in trouble; easy day on the island ….

spanking #2Hi, friends and readers:

My post yesterday, discussing gay dad/son discipline practices, certainly caused a storm of messages yesterday and today. Some came from sons who freely admitted they deserved a spanking on occasion, and some came from dads who said a dose of the belt usually brought about a badly-needed attitude adjustment to a sometimes cocky son.

spanking readyWell, whatever your views on the subject of corporal punishment, it is clearly a part of the gay daddy/son scene, and I’m not going to sit in judgment on the couples who practice it. If it works for both parties, I say fine.

It’s been a quiet day for me, for the most part. I waited here all morning for yet another tech form our ISP to arrive and deal with our continuing Internet connection problem. The guy finally showed and diagnosed the problem; it’s supposed to be fixed tomorrow. After the tech left I took a three-mile speed walk, and then I visited the supermarket to re-stock our cabinets and fridge with groceries. Now I’m home and ready for a relaxed evening. My boyfriend should be home in about an hour or so. I’m grilling pork chops for dinner tonight. Doesn’t that sound good?

Have a nice Thursday, everyone.

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