Hot boys at the beach; easy Saturday for Martin ….

beach boy #11Hi, friends and readers:

I made sure I got down to the beach after I finished my errands and household chores this afternoon, and the sights down there did not disappoint. Lots of guys wandering about in swim trunks, showing off their sleek bodies and bubble butts. Why can’t be twenty years old again?  🙁

Actually, I wouldn’t want to be twenty years old again. I wasn’t all that happy when I was that age because I hadn’t come out as an openly gay man yet. Life’s no fun when you live it in the closet.

Anyway, I wouldn’t mind having my twenty-year-old body back. Then maybe I’d look like Mr. Soccer Ball hereto the left. Some might consider him too skinny, but not me.I like everything about him: his hair and skin, his broad shoulders and narrow waist. I spend a night with him in a heartbeat. Yummy!

beach boy #3It’s so pretty here today, and perfect beach weather. There were tons of people along the shoreline, just basking in the warm sunshine. I breeze was blowing, but not too hard. I took a three-mile walk, which takes me about forty-five minutes, and hopefully I got my pale legs a bit of color in the process.

It’s a little after three PM right now and it’s quiet as an empty church in our neighborhood. I’ll d about an hour’s editing work on one of my writing projects, and then I’ll crack open a cold beer. Hey, it’s Saturday afternoon, right/ HJave a great weekend, friends.

2 thoughts on “Hot boys at the beach; easy Saturday for Martin ….

  1. Well, 3 miles in about 45 minutes is not bad at all for someone having recently got new knees. I have still my own ones, but that distance will take me about an hour. So: congratulations.
    And for the rest: I still enjoy your foto’s.
    It is here sunday-morning about 11 and at the freezing point. So have a nice sunday and hopefully your boyfriend is feeling better.

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