More shirtless guys in basketball shorts; easy night ahead for Martin ….

basketball #4Hi, friends and readers:

Did everyone have a nice Thursday? Are you tired form your day at school or work? And would you like two more photos of shirtless guys wearing basketball shorts?

Well, who  am I to disappoint on this cool January evening. Besides, I know you will all like the guys in these two photos. Who could resist Mr. Blond Hair to the left here, or Mr. Twinky in the lower photo? Not me …. 😉

I’ve had a very productive day in the writing department. After doing edits on a lengthy project all morning, I had a quick lunch, and then I took a three-mile speed walk on the shore. Lots of tourists were down there, many in swimsuits, but I wore a hoodie and shorts, since I’m a native Floridian and we don’t do cold down here. Period.

basketball shortsWhen I returned to the house I spent 2-1/2 hours working on submissions to literary agents for one of my novels. This on isn’t aimed at a gay audience; quite the contrary, all the characters in the book are straight. But it’s a good book with plenty of humor and also some painful moments. I have high hopes for the book, but we’ll see. The publishing market is so fickle ….

It’s about 5:30 PM here, and outside it’s already getting dark. It’s too col and breezy for me to sit on our observation deck, so I’ll just stay inside with a cold beer and maybe do a little more editing while I wait for my boyfriend to come home. Since he doesn’t have classes tomorrow he won’t have to study tonight, so maybe we can visit our timeshare down the street to soak in the hot tub.

Okay, everyone, I have things to do, so I will wish everyone a very pleasant Thursday evening. If you’re up north you’d better bundle up. No basketball shorts for you. 🙂


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