It’s party time. What’s better than friendship?

beerHi, friends and readers:

It’s Saturday, and also a special day for me and some of my oldest friends. Each year my friend Larry hosts a party for all the guys we grew up with in our part of town. These are the kids we played Little League with and went to grade school with.

I rarely see these guys because I live on my little island now, while they all live in our old neighborhood in the city. But today is the annual party. It will actually be a rather tame event. It’s starts around one PM. Everyone is bringing food and something to drink, and some of the guys will be smoking ganja on the outdoor deck. It’s a good time to count your blessings and remember the importance of friendship.

lover boys #3Now, that’s just Party #1 for the day. Tonight my boyfriend and I will host a dinner party for five guests. I’m grilling burgers over charcoal while my boyfriend will make potato salad. Our guests are all gay men who I have known for many years. We’ll drink some wine and have a lot of laughs. It’s the kind of evening I truly enjoy. What better gift does life give us than friendship?

Weather-wise it’s a crappy day. The sun is shing, but the wind is blowing about 20 MPH and the air temperature won’t g above fifty-five degrees F today. That’s cold for central Florida, so we’ll have to bundle up.

Okay, it’s already past eleven AM and we have to visit the supermarket to buy food for today’s parties, so I will close this post by wishing you a wonderful Saturday. If you’re lucky you can spend it with your oldest and best friends.

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