More boyfriends in their bedrooms; pretty night on the island ….

boyfriend in bed #6Hi, friends and readers:

I know you guys loved the “boyfriend in bed” photos I posted here this morning, so I thought I’d post two more this evening, and then you can decide which boyfriend in the bunch you like best? Me, I’ll take the boy in the orange shirt in the top photo here. I like guy with fair skin, dark hair, and dark eyes. And his rippling abs are a definite plus. Do you think he’s a bottom? I sure hope so …. ‘-)

boyfriend in bed #7Well, our visit to the lighting store wasn’t so bad after all. A saleslady named Donna helped us. We found a floor lamp in stock that we both liked, plus it was deeply discounted so buying it was a no-brainer.

We also found a pair of matching lamps for out nightstands in a catalog, and we ordered those as well. The mission was accomplished in a little more than an hour. Not bad for a couple of gay guys who don’t know a lot about decor. Now the floor lamp’s looking good in our living room, and we’ll have the nightstand lamps in about ten days. Woo-hoo ….

After we got home I took a three-mile speed walk, here on the island. It was chilly out there but sunny and not too breezy, so I enjoyed myself. Now night is descending and it’s too damned cold to watch sunset at the shore. We’ll stay inside instead. I’ll do a little editing while my boyfriend studies, and then we’ll watch the NFC championship game while we dine on chili.

Have a nice Sunday night, friends.

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