Beautiful blond boys; sunny day on the island, but Martin has a cold ….

blond beauty #2Hi, friends and readers:

We all have our own personal tastes when it comes t young men. Me, I like guys wit air skin, dark hair, and dark eyes; it’s my thing. But many of you, I know, go for blond guys, and I thought I’d share a pair of sexy pics with you this morning, to brighten up your Monday. Are you happy now?

I tried to watch the NFC championship game on TV last night, but the game was so lop-sided I fell asleep during the second half. As a result, I woke up around midnight, and couldn’t get back to sleep until around two AM. In the interim I did some reading and drank a glass of wine.

blond beautyAnyway, when I woke this morning around nine AM my head was congested. My boyfriend’s been sick with a head cold for over a week and I guess I caught whatever he had. It’s hard to avoid when you live as close as we do. 🙁

I don’t feel all that poorly; I’m congested and that’s about it, so I will still visit the YMCA for a light workout and maybe a speed-walk on the treadmill. No lap-swimming today with my head being stuffy like it is.

Outside it’s cool but sunny, and there’s hardly any breeze blowing for a change. It’ll be a nice winter day in Florida.

Okay, I spent my whole morning working on a writing project, and now I’ll need to tend to correspondence before I have lunch. So I will close this post by wishing everyone a veyr nice Monday, wherever you are.


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