Cameron Dallas in the shower; quiet night on the island ….

cameron dallas shower #2Hi, friends and readers:

I think Cameron Dallas is a total douche. Sure, he’s good looking, but good looks don’t translate into talent, and when it comes to talent this kid is totally lacking. All he does is shoot videos and photos of himself, and then post them on Vines or Instagram or whatever. Whoopee ….

But since I do find Cameron a babe and I’m not used to seeing him in the shower, I thought I’d post these video clips someone put up on their Tumblr the other day.

Would I take a shower with Cameron? Of course. I’d be an idiot not too, but hopefully I could keep him from talking by stuffing something bulky and stiff into his mouth. Think he’d mind if I did? Actually, something tells me Cameron may be a virgin; I’m not sure why I suspect that but I do.

cameron dallas showerWell, I’ve had nasal congestion all day, but I felt fine when I worked out at the YMCA this afternoon. I did my full workout, and then I speed-walked for twenty minutes on a treadmill for a little aerobic activity. I didn’t feel weary at all when I left for home. I hit the fish market on my way, so we’ll dine on seafood tonight.

It’s a very pretty and quiet night, here on the island. The air is cool but it’s still, so being outside is actually quite comfortable. When I got home I spent time using our leaf-blower to clean up our patios. They were a mess after all the windy weather we’ve had, but now they look fine. I swept off the sidewalk and then I watered all our houseplants and patio plants. Aren’t I industrious?

My boyfriend just got home, and he’ll need to study some tonight, but maybe I can talk him into building a blaze in our outdoor fire pit tonight. Doesn’t that sound nice? Have a great Monday night, friends.

3 thoughts on “Cameron Dallas in the shower; quiet night on the island ….

  1. Cameron Dallas has been lucky to have a great body. However, other sites have commented that the looks don’t last, of course. Life gets in the way for all of us. One has to have something else to live on since beauty tends to fade. I agree with your comments and think he’s just not very bright. I prefer my much younger boyfriend who is both smart and looks like model Sergey Brisyuk. But with a bit more muscle. I read your blog every day I can.

  2. Aw I love Cameron. He is cute and has an oddly perfect 6 pac for “never working out”
    However I agree on how he needs to find something to do with his life, quick.
    Yes he is young and has time to figure it out but because of his fame he, unlike an average person may not have a plan for after fame.
    Most people his age already have a sense of what to do professionally but from what it seems he does not, and relies on fame ATM.
    It’s fine for now but he may not end up as Bieber did so I encourage him to find his passion now, before the fame passes so he will be set <3

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