Hot boys in Speedos; nice day on the island ….

blue speedoHi, friends and readers:

No other garment shows off a young man’s physical beauty quite as well as a Speedo swimsuit. Of course in the U.S. the only place you’ll ever see a Speedo is at a swim meet; American guys are too modest to wear Speedos to the beach, but not European or South American guys.

Don;t you think the boys in today’s photo posts look wonderful in their Speedos? If only Mr. Boogie Board to the left here would visit my beach … 😉

I rose around eight this morning. I’m still very congested, but I feel okay, and after a quick breakfast I got busy on a writing project that is coming along well. I worked at it steadily until 11:30 AM, and now it’s almost lunchtime.

speedo blackSince today is Tuesday my boyfriend has his afternoon free. It’s a good time for him to get ahead on his studies for school, and it’s also nice to have him home. While he studies I have errands to run: wine market, bank, supermarket, and a run to Walmart to buy a new coffeemaker. None of that sounds fun, I know, but it’s all necessary to keep our household running smoothly.

Outside it’s a really pretty day: sunny, dry, and not too cool, maybe 72 degrees F. If I get all my errands run promptly I should have time to take a nice three-mile walk when I get home. That is, unless my cold gets worse.

Oh, and I forgot to mention something … Tomorrow afternoon I will board a flight to San Diego, CA, where I will spend five days having fun with three friends out there. We’re attending a PGA tournament one day, and then we’re spending three nights in cabins we have rented right on the Pacific Ocean. I think it’s going to be fun ….

Have a nice Tuesday, everyone.


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