The boy from South Africa; Martin’s last night on the island for a while ….

south africa #5Hi friends and readers:

This morning I posted a photo of a boy in a Speedo lying on a beach with his boogie board. A little later on my friend sent me this message about the Speedo Boy:

“The first boy is from South Africa. You can find more of him and others here”:

I took a look at the site, and Jakes is right; it’s a site for me who love beautiful boys. There are no pornographic images on the site; it’s all quite tame. But there are plenty of photos of the young man to the left here.

Well, I have not had the best of days, due to this lousy head cold I am dealing with. It has worsened as the day has progressed, and it couldn’t come at a worse time, since I’m headed to Southern California tomorrow.

south africa #6Maybe if I get some rest this evening I will feel better in the morning. I also picked up some over-the-counter medications that may help with my symptoms.

I’ll wait to pack my bag until tomorrow morning when I’ll hopefully feel better. Tonight I’ll stay home with my boyfriend and maybe watch a Netflix movie. I jst don’t feel like doing much more than that.

All right, everyone, I’m cooking dinner tonight: sauteed chicken breasts over pasta in a veggie sauce. It’s the type of meal that should be good for my cold. Wherever you are, I hope you’ll have a nice Tuesday night.

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