Martin’s off to California ….

airplaneHi, friends and readers:

I just a few hours and friend and I will drive to the airport in Tampa where we’ll grab a flight to San Diego, CA, one of my favorite cities in the U.S.  We have an entire schedule of activities planned, and the weather’s supposed to be good, so I am stoked. I haven’t been in Southern California in over seven years. We’ll attend a PGA tournament, play a round of golf ourselves, and spent three nights on the Pacific Ocean in cabins at the beach. We’ll do some hiking and exploring too.

evan geiselman #7The Beach Boys once sang, “I wish they all could be California girls.” But for my money I’ll take California boys like the one to the left here. How would you like to share a cabin on the Pacific with him?

My head cold is feeling better this morning, thanks to Sudafed and a good night’s rest, so hopefully the worst is behind me. I’m just finishing my breakfast as I write these words, and soon I’ll have to get busy packing my bag.

One of the places I look forward to visiting is La Jolla Cove where there’s a swim club that meets every morning to swim a half-mile in the cove. The members only wear swimsuits, and I cant’ imagine how they stand that cold water, but it’s fun to watch them do their swim, so I hope we’ll get to see them in action.

All right, everyone, I’m not taking my laptop with me so I won’t be posting again until February 2, 2016. Can you survive without me? Have a nice Wednesday, wherever you might be.

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