Beautiful boys with black hair; I’m just home from California ….

black hair shirtlessHi, friends and readers:

I’ve always had a thing for guys with black hair and fair skin; I don’t know why. But if you saw my boyfriend you would understand. Do you find the boys in tonight’s photo posts as appealing as I do? Check out the guy in the upper photo. Now¬†imagine that neck chain swinging while the two of you rocked and thrust. Yummy … ūüėČ

blue t-shirtYes, I am home from Southern California, where I had a more than wonderful time that I will report on tomorrow; I am simply too tired right now. Our flight left Cali at 1:10 PM. We connected through New Orleans, where I dined on crappy¬†faux¬†Cajun food and paid entirely too much for a beer. But my lovely boyfriend picked me and my travel buddy up from Tampa’s airport around 10:30 PM, so the whole return trip took less than seven hours, not bad.

It’s good to be home, of course. It’s cool and still here tonight, and very quiet, which I like. It was quiet in La Jolla too, where I spent three of the five nights I was in Cali. I love both places; I guess because I am a coastal boy.

Okay, my stats show that everyone kept visiting during my six-day absence, which I appreciate more than you can know. I promise to post regularly during the days ahead; I will share my So/Cal experience with all of you.

Have a nice Monday night, everyone.


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