Guys with sexy abs; quiet night on the island ….

abs #3Hi, friends and readers:

Rippling abs are something only young men possess. You have them form age sixteen to twenty-five, maybe, and then they disappear, never to be seem again. I think it’s kind of funny how young guys like to show off their rock-hard abs, and why shouldn’t they? Do you find the top photo I’ve posted here as sexy and funny as I do? I love the expression on the boy’s face to the left. And wouldn’t you like to be in the room with the two of them? Of course you would …. 😉

abs #10Despite the late hour I rose at I had a productive day. A published has offered me a contract on a book I wrote last year, and I had to study the contract’s terms. It was fine. I did a bit of editing on another book, and the after lunch I took a brisk, three-mile walk on the beach. It was beautiful down there: sunny, still, and not too warm.

I did my laundry I’d gone through during my California trip, and then I visited the supermarket to buy $100 worth of things we’ll need during the week ahead. Now the groceries are put away and the hour’s past five PM. It’s time to grab a shower and then a cold beer.

Here on the island it’s nice and quiet. I’m looking forward to a peaceful evening. Have a good one yourself, friends.

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