Boys getting wet; windy night on the island ….

wet #8Hi, friends and readers:

How come certain guys look so much sexier when they are wet? I guess it;s all that water streaming down their smooth skin and rippling muscles. Anyway, I like photos of guys getting wet, so here are two for your viewing pleasure tonight.

My boyfriend has a class tonight, so I’m on my own until nine PM or so, and that’s okay. I have much to do in the writing department and I can use the quiet time to get things done. It’s easier for me to work when I am alone, you see.

wetI had a fine afternoon. Right after lunch I visited the YMCA for a workout ad a lap-swimming session. I even got my own lap lane in the pool, plus a very hot boy who’s a high school senior on his school’s cross-country team  was working out right next to me. Yummy …. 😉

It’s about 5:30 PM right now, here on the island, and it’s too windy to go up on my deck to watch the sailboats cruise by, so I will stay inside and work on a writing project. I can hear the wind stirring the fronds on my coconut palms, just beyond my office windows. Aside form the wind, there’s absolutely no noise out here tonight, and I like that.

Have a nice Wednesday evening, friends.

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