Shirtless, sexy guys; busy day ahead for Martin ….

shirtless #21Hi, friends and readers:

I’ve said this before: there are certain guys who were never meant to wear a shirt, not unless they’re in a restaurant or gong to church. When you look as good as the guy to the left, then you shouldn’t cover up all that beautiful flesh. If he were my boyfriend I’d insist he remain shirtless whenever he was home. (“All right, Stephen, ditch the hoodie and whatever’s underneath it, now.”) 🙂

I rose at seven this morning, and after I brewed some coffee for my boyfriend (He has an early class today.) I slipped into my swim trunk and a hoodie, and then took a three mile walk on the beach down the street from my house. There weren’t many folks down there when I walked. The sunrise was beautiful, all orange and pink and gold, and the Gulf was calm. I walk pretty quickly; I was home in 40 minutes, and then I got busy with correspondence.

shirtless #4Now it’s 9:30 AM, and I need to get ready to run errands. First on the list is a dental appointment for a cleaning, which is never fun, but necessary every six months to keep my smile pretty. 🙂 Afterward I’ll pick up a part for our boat that we’ll need when we visit our fishing camp later this month. I need to make a bank deposit, and then fill my Element’s tank with gas, and then it’s back to the house.

I’ll keep busy this afternoon working on a writing project that is about two-thirds done. It’s a novel I wrote ten years ago. I’m completely reworking it, since I am a far better writer today than I was in 2006, and the finished product should be salable to a publisher. Wish me luck on that one.

We’re planning on spending a quiet evening at home tonight. My boyfriend won’t have to study, so I’ll grill pork chops for dinner, and then I think we’ll watch a Netflix rental we both want to see; it’s a comedy that should be funny.

Have a nice Thursday, everyone.

2 thoughts on “Shirtless, sexy guys; busy day ahead for Martin ….

  1. From your photos, and what you’ve said in the past, it sounds like you’re a big fan of what I call “the French Parisian student look.” The innocent baby face, the fresh, cream-colored skin, and the dark hair seem quite typical of French boys. Your bottom pic especially seems to capture the look, or you can check the photos of the boys in an introductory French textbook. Wouldn’t you love to hear him say, “Voulez-vous couchez avec moi, mi bon ami?”

    • Hi, John:

      Yeah, I really need to visit Paris one day, to check out the boys. Fair skin and dark hair, coupled with a baby face, make me week in the knees. 🙂 Thanks for writing.


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